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Tony Wright
Ahhh, the politices of alcohol rears its ugly head
Tue Apr 17, 2018 20:21

Oklahoma has screwy liquor and alcohol laws...

I just deleted about 6 paragraphs of politics and history explaining how we got to where we are. It was not easy, trust me.

Suffice to note that currently, there are limited places you can consume alcoholic beverages...our facility qualified, but because we were (and still are) a government owned facility, we had to satisfy all kinds of political and public opinion back about 12 years ago. Our policy was and still is difficult to satisfy the restrictions and policies regarding consumption of alcoholic beverages in our facility...yes, I wrote the policy because I understood the state and municipal laws at the time...the policy required $1 million liability insurance protecting the facility and the City the expense of the rental client. No person under 21 could be in the room where alcohol was served by a licensed caterer...and said alcoholic beverage was not permitted in any room other than the one designated by contract for the delivery and consumption of alcohol. I also wrote it so that cash bars were NOT permitted.

The Blues Festival has to follow CURRENT law and current facility policy and that means booze only in a different room than the festival and it must be consumed in that smoking in any of our buildings.

The only good news about that is the festival is free and we are trying to get live video feed from the theater into the "Dining and Event Hall" on our campus. (Performances are in the Theater on our campus.)

And here is the irony...the State of Oklahoma passed a state question allowing for the sale of strong point beer (6.0% and above) in grocery stores and convenience stores as well as any licensed club-tavern-bar-restaurant, etc. It also permits package liquor stores to basically shift to something similar to a convenience store, but no one under 21...for now at least...but that law goes into effect in November.

My job at work will be to write a new alcohol policy for our facility as soon as the state finishes passing their multiple statutes dealing with such nonsense.

As a cop, all I ever asked was tell me the law and get out of my way. Change the law if you don't want it enforced. While I do not elect to drink alcohol beverages, I do not think ill of people who do prefer a beer over a Diet Coke. I do not appreciate when they get behind the wheel and drive, but that is why there are guys out there doing what I did for 30 years.

Believe it or not, this reply is about half as long as the ones I deleted....sorry for the wasted electrons.

  • Know what you meanBoomer, Tue Apr 17 12:05
    I'd rather be making music than reinforcing it. But there is more $$ in the reinforcing side for me. Managed to offset my sound labor wages' income tax with home energy credits ;) Pesky non cash... more
    • Ahhh, the politices of alcohol rears its ugly head — Tony Wright, Tue Apr 17 20:21
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