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Stupid Deal of the Day 4/26/18 only
Thu Apr 26, 2018 07:14

My favorite small LED fixture is the American DJ V-Bar. It comes in a "two pack" with two fixtures, each with five RGBA diodes.

Normally, I simply set them on the floor for up lighting and you can scatter several around the back of the stage for a nice wash. But you can put a clamp on one end and fly them from the "T-Top bar" or your truss or simply zip tie one to the handle of your PA main speaker. If you placed one hanging vertical and perhaps had one laying on top of the two main speaker stands, you would have plenty of light for the typical small venue stage.

How much do I like them? I own five packages of them.

Each package contains two of the mini bars...about 22 inches long and only about 4 pounds per fixture. You can change the lighting by the IR wireless controller INCLUDED in the package...the two fixtures, controller and manual come in a cordura nylon zip bag for transport. At $150 they are a DEAL.

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