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Ultra Bar 10 Plus on sale
Thu Apr 26, 2018 07:38

My second favorite fixture (this month, anyway...) is the ADJ Ultra Bar 10 Plus pak. Basically it is your typical long bar (42 inches) with 10 LED pods, each with RGB-UV diodes. Like the above V-Bar, it comes in a Cordura nylon carry bag with an IR wireless controller and mounting brackets.

You can clamp it vertical around your speaker stands or lay it on the floor or simply clamp it to your "T-Top light stand". Like the V-Bar and the round cousin, the V-Par, the Ultra Bar 10 fixture puts out a 40 degree beam, so plenty of stage coverage. 2 pack for $275 equals about two of the V-Bar or V-par packages. The Full Compass price is their SALE price. No idea when the sale will end. Could it be a close out? Perhaps, or not.

I wanted enough to span the typical stage on my "I-Beam" for back of stage down lighting behind the drummer and amp line. Or across the front depending how the I-Beam truss is used at that event. I have the typical black 5ft I beam pieces of truss, and I added the third, so I have a total of 15 feet width. Thus, four 42 inch bars will easily fit. Keep in mind they also can be controlled by either the wireless IR controller or by more conventional DMX boards including those "one button, one color" simple devices that I love.

"IF" I were in a small classical ensemble doing a wedding gig, I might want a couple of the smaller V-Bars as they can "hide" much easier behind the musicians and simply throw an accent color on the wall behind the performers that matches the wedding colors.

If I was playing the local VFW or "Dew Drop Inn" I would probably opt for MORE bang for the buck.

And yes, I still have my tried and true ADJ Tri18 fixtures, and would probably consider two more of the Tri18 if I had free cash...and would certainly consider a second pair of the CWWW18 fixtures so I could have more white light for those children's drama or even children's events in the fellowship hall that simply needed "theater lighting". The beauty of the CWWW-18 is they can get bright enough for local TV or home video and they can also spotlight the individual performers in your basic bar band. PLUS you can get everything from the "stark winter morning white" to the "golden warm white of a late summer evening". The fixture has 9 Cool White AND it has 9 Warm White that you can blend with one of those nifty wireless IR devices.

(Not sure those exact models "CWWW18 and TRI18" are still in production as they are about 5 or 6 years old and still work magnificently.)

  • Stupid Deal of the Day 4/26/18 onlyTony Wright, Thu Apr 26 07:14
    My favorite small LED fixture is the American DJ V-Bar. It comes in a "two pack" with two fixtures, each with five RGBA diodes. Normally, I simply set them on the floor for up lighting and you can... more
    • Ultra Bar 10 Plus on sale — Tony Wright, Thu Apr 26 07:38
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