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Mike M
Too quiet around I'll post
Mon May 14, 2018 22:22

Hello All:
I've been wrapped up in classical performance mode the past few weeks so I'm looking forward to doing sound..

Two months ago I took a sound gig (multi-band fundraiser) scheduled for this upcoming Friday in RI.

The organizer of the event came to the last show (March 17th) that I produced - was impressed - and decided to have his committee produce a similar event.

Typical: rent a hall, get some kid/hs bands, get a sound dude (me), print/sell tix, etc.
It is sponsored by a city's Recreation Dept. They mean well, but they are a bit disorganized....

The point person from the Rec Dept "picked my brain" as to how I produce my shows... I told him everything and even forwarded my memo's to bands, criteria, etc. I shared all.

The gig is this Friday...I haven't heard much from the committee as of late.

This morning I received an email from a high school student (a gal) that is supposedly running the event!
"I haven't had a chance to formally introduce myself yet, but my name is "someone" and I am running the "town name here" Battle of the Bands and Showcase.

There are six bands supposedly... I asked the gal (via email) for the link to the event's facebook/instagram/whatever promotion... She said that there isn't any of that...

I guess that it was a committee member's job to put something online.....someone "dropped the ball", maybe....

I can get deeper into this by putting up a facebook page, etc. for them but... but it's not my responsibility.... I just wanna be the sound-dude.

The kid bands need something to reference to and post on their online pages....or else no one will show up!

Hey, not my responsibility....

How can little old (anal retentive/control freak/manic) Mike M put on shows that always realize a profit...
while a civic organization fumbles through things....?

I have a signed contract and will invoice the Rec Dept prior to the event.

Let's wait and see.....

Mike M

    • These things tend to get out of handTony Wright, Fri May 18 09:23
      And when you only have one hand, (or arm)....well, the organizer needs to be more than just a decision maker...the organizer needs to have hands on the entire project and learn it themselves. The... more
      • here we go.......Mike M, Fri May 18 10:20
        The organizer texted me this morning telling me that the hall won't be open until 3:30 the earliest....the first band starts at 5:00...! I replied that it will take me one hour and 15 minutes to set... more
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