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These things tend to get out of hand
Fri May 18, 2018 09:23

And when you only have one hand, (or arm)....well, the organizer needs to be more than just a decision maker...the organizer needs to have hands on the entire project and learn it themselves. The date should have been one that the organizer planned to attended and planned to get their hands dirty.

We are about to start season six (or perhaps the 7th season, we are a little fuzzy on that) of our local "Friday Food Trucks and Tunes" events. May thru September on the THIRD Friday of each month.

Over the years the event has had administrative changes (basically funding and location as a result of the funding...and the event has grown in scope and attendance). Also, due to the local economy, the budget for the performers is significantly smaller than the last 2 years.

For at least 3 or 4 years, we even showed children's movies at the event. They were very well attended can't show a movie outdoors in the daylight, so the movies started around 8pm and lots of kids were unhappy when their parents were "done" when the live music stopped at 9:30pm. We have often NOT used stage lighting until the last 30 minutes of the music simply because it was too bright that the lights were wasted.

I believe we are down to a 4 man crew tonight and perhaps down to a 3 man crew for the rest of the summer after tonight. We will be wrung out like a cheap dishrag tonight. First outdoor job of the season and the high (about the time we load in) is 90F plus 72% humidity.

I plan to get to work around noon (call time is 1:00pm). I normally drag the wheeled carts from storage to the loading door to save some of the other guys...and to make up for my being so slow on the job site.

We do Facebook, twitter, news releases to the local news paper and all 4 radio stations and the local cable TV channel. Our facility manager appears on 2 radio and one TV talk shows about upcoming events and this is always a favorite for the emcee/moderator.

  • Too quiet around I'll post Mike M, Mon May 14 22:22
    Hello All: I've been wrapped up in classical performance mode the past few weeks so I'm looking forward to doing sound.. Two months ago I took a sound gig (multi-band fundraiser) scheduled for this... more
    • These things tend to get out of hand — Tony Wright, Fri May 18 09:23
      • here we go.......Mike M, Fri May 18 10:20
        The organizer texted me this morning telling me that the hall won't be open until 3:30 the earliest....the first band starts at 5:00...! I replied that it will take me one hour and 15 minutes to set... more
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