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Mike M
here we go.......
Fri May 18, 2018 10:20

The organizer texted me this morning telling me that the hall won't be open until 3:30 the earliest....the first band starts at 5:00...!

I replied that it will take me one hour and 15 minutes to set up the PA and lights once all of the gear is-loaded-in...providing that I do not have to "chase power"...or the band gets in the way (which they always do..)

Here we go...

Mike M

  • These things tend to get out of handTony Wright, Fri May 18 09:23
    And when you only have one hand, (or arm)....well, the organizer needs to be more than just a decision maker...the organizer needs to have hands on the entire project and learn it themselves. The... more
    • here we go....... — Mike M, Fri May 18 10:20
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