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Mike M
gig report
Sat May 19, 2018 10:39

I got to the venue at 2:30 and texted the organizer. Soon after, a man shows up to open the venue.
(Ramp right at the door when the band would play - nice.)

I start loading in and then the "gal in charge" arrives. I asked her who they got to help me load and she said "no-one"...

Me: "ok, then show won't be able to start on-time". She texted her son (a college kid) and he helped me load in:).

I got things up and running at 4:40 (show starts at 5:00).

I decided not to use my ipad, (no need as it was a small hall).

I asked the kid if he would around for load out and he wasn't sure so I decided to place the mid-high cabs on the subs instead of using the poles...
I actually liked the sound of the rig better with the tops on the subs.

The show actually went well. I basically did everything except collect the tickets at the door. The bands sounded good (two in particular were very good):

The college kid and two of his buddies showed up at 11:00pm for load-out. I got paid in cash.

All of the bands loved my rig and kept thanking me (over the PA). A good mix night...

Mike M

  • we'll see.......Mike M, Thu May 17 22:31
    To continue my last post: We were scheduled for a conference call at 9:00pm this evening. (The town Rec Dept organizer is at a conference in Las Vegas...) The HS gal who's running(?) the gig didn't... more
    • gig report — Mike M, Sat May 19 10:39
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