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Tony Wright
Similar happenings...
Tue May 29, 2018 06:39

I have a similar situation coming up with HS. 50th reunion this fall...Yep, we be geezers at this point in will be at a casino about a half mile from the gas station my dad owned and where I worked during high school. (We did not have casinos back in the 60s.)

I ran into a former classmate who apparently is one of the organizers. She asked if I might be able to provide the sound....and she politely told me they did NOT want my current band nor any band. Seems volume was a problem at the last one where everyone wanted to visit. (NO. Not my band as I have not attended any of the previous reunions.)

I am going to provide but it will be sleazy easy. Two of my 10s facing the dance floor for those who MUST dance, another two projecting across the "banquet hall" with the volume barely loud enough to be heard...background music and "overflow" from the dance floor. "Home stereo volume for music" and slightly louder for the announcement mic.

As for music, the members of the reunion committee will have to come up with their own music. All I am going to do is reinforce what they bring. This approach works well for most "picky" clients. (And aren't most clients "picky"???) THEY bring THEIR favorites and I simply show them where to plug in. Set it and forget it. I will NOT be hanging around the mixer.

I will show 2 or 3 folks how to MUTE and UN-mute. And I will go visit with people I used to like.

I hope this is not a big mistake on my part. Very few of my classmates were "friends". It is why I have avoided attending previous class reunions and such.

  • HappeningsBoomer, Sat May 26 13:09
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    • Similar happenings... — Tony Wright, Tue May 29 06:39
      • playlistsMike M, Tue May 29 20:26
        Tell the organizer to put together a playlist on his/her phone. Easy-peazy
        • Already handledTony Wright, Sat Jun 2 08:28
          I do that for weddings and such, so I already told the two contact people on the committee that I provide sound system and mics, THEY provide the music. (But just in case, I will have the stupid DJ... more
          • CD'sMike M, Sat Jun 2 08:55
            Speaking of CD's.... I still use a walkman CD player for break tunes... ancient technology...
            • We have one at workTony Wright, Sun Jun 3 14:35
              We still have one Walkman style CD player for the same task. Old technology but still the right tool in the right circumstances.
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