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Already handled
Sat Jun 2, 2018 08:28

I do that for weddings and such, so I already told the two contact people on the committee that I provide sound system and mics, THEY provide the music. (But just in case, I will have the stupid DJ mixer and a handful of CDs.)

  • playlistsMike M, Tue May 29 20:26
    Tell the organizer to put together a playlist on his/her phone. Easy-peazy
    • Already handled — Tony Wright, Sat Jun 2 08:28
      • CD'sMike M, Sat Jun 2 08:55
        Speaking of CD's.... I still use a walkman CD player for break tunes... ancient technology...
        • We have one at workTony Wright, Sun Jun 3 14:35
          We still have one Walkman style CD player for the same task. Old technology but still the right tool in the right circumstances.
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