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Mike M
gig report
Sat Jun 2, 2018 09:08

Last week I ran (resurrected) the HS battle of the Bands at my local school.
The band director asked if I was going to bring my gear (for free as I did when I ran the event several years ago) and I told him that there would be a $150.00 rental fee to use my gear...he was taken back a bit...

I said that I would work with what the school owned...

I used the school's gear (digi board, installed system..). It was interesting "gobbling together" enough school-owned cords/mics/mic stands (which were in serious disrepair).

The monitors did not work (toasted power amp) so we were rummaging around the supply room looking for stuff. (I had remembered that the HS AV dept had purchased two Galaxy Hotspots when I taught at the high school 10+ years ago...). We found them and they still worked!

One for the drummer and one out front for the vocalist..

Once the gear was up'n running the event went well.. I think that the event made $700.00+ at the door.

The kids had fun...but I did not like the way the band director ran it...especially announcing the top three.

The band director had devised a 'point system" to rate the groups....

There were 5 is what he said: In 5th place with a score of 51 points: band name here, in 4th place with a score of 74 points: band name here...

When all was announced the 5th place band looked dejected as their score was w-a-y below the other four...
The kids did not need to hear their score...only their placement...


    • You are correctTony Wright, Sun Jun 3 14:44
      Tearing down the self esteem of a high school band, who likely are popular among friends OR playing their first gig, do NOT need to be told "you suck" based on an arbitrary score system. Even if the... more
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