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You are correct
Sun Jun 3, 2018 14:44

Tearing down the self esteem of a high school band, who likely are popular among friends OR playing their first gig, do NOT need to be told "you suck" based on an arbitrary score system.

Even if the organizer just picks the people they like, just narrow down the announcements to cover those that won a prize...typically 1st, 2nd and 3rd...or perhaps just first and second. With the follow up comment, "Competition this year was tough. All five bands should be proud of their performance."

Now, truth be told, most of our tech crew stood around at the last Battle of the Bands and at the recent Blues Festival and critiqued the performers...ahhh, if those folks would just ask blunt questions, they would get a polite discussion of OUR opinion, which is JUST another opinion.

  • gig reportMike M, Sat Jun 2 09:08
    Last week I ran (resurrected) the HS battle of the Bands at my local school. The band director asked if I was going to bring my gear (for free as I did when I ran the event several years ago) and I... more
    • You are correct — Tony Wright, Sun Jun 3 14:44
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