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Rolling Stones Tribute band?
Sun Jun 3, 2018 14:46

I always liked the idea of a Stones Tribute Band named:

The Stolling Rones.

Kind of catchy, doncha think?

  • Gig tonightBoomer, Sat Jun 2 10:32
    Rolling Stones tribute band at the local theatre. All day starting at 1:30PM. It's only rock and roll but I like it.
    • Rolling Stones Tribute band? — Tony Wright, Sun Jun 3 14:46
      • So-soBoomer, Mon Jun 4 12:25
        The band Satisfaction was alright but had highs and lows. Wild Horses was one of the best covers I've heard of that. Some others, not so much. A little too much of the rushed word style when not... more
        • StonesTony Wright, Mon Jun 4 23:20
          While NOT a tribute band, my FIRST two garage bands back in 65/66 were named 12x5 in tribute to the Stones' first US album. I think we did maybe 3 songs by the Stones. Those first two bands were much ... more
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