A mixed up genre week end for me...
Sun Jun 3, 2018 15:02

Friday evening we had the Cherokee Maidens and the Sycamore Swing on our main stage. Small audience but loyal fans that many drove as much as 3 hours.



Granted, there have been a couple of personnel changes, but the sound is the same.


Saturday evening, I had free tickets to see Vanilla Fudge.



My little old music thermometer went haywire...I LIKED BOTH.

    • Carmine AppiceTony Wright, Sun Jun 3 15:24
      That man can get in more twirling on drum sticks than most drum and bugle corps drum lines....it was amazing to watch and hear the some of the music I grew up listening to.
      • Hot legsBoomer, Mon Jun 4 12:08
        Carmine wrote hot legs for Rod Stewart. I've always ranked him in the top ten drummers I've heard or watched. Never saw him live in person. Tim Bogert on bass? Beck, Bogert, and Appice was a true... more
        • More FudgeTony Wright, Mon Jun 4 23:13
          Pete Bremy is the current bass player...short stint in 2002 and steady since around 2010 according to Wikipedia. Apparently Tim "retired from touring" in 2009. Let's not forget Mark Stein on... more
          • Cactus Boomer, Thu Jun 7 15:30
            Cactus was one of my favorite bands in the 1970s, also with Tim Bogert and Carmine. I liked them a lot more than Vanilla Fudge. "If the weather's too hot We can all just take off our clothes" Rock &... more
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