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Mon Jun 4, 2018 12:25

The band Satisfaction was alright but had highs and lows. Wild Horses was one of the best covers I've heard of that. Some others, not so much. A little too much of the rushed word style when not applicable and many times when words should have been elongated they were not. The drummer played the Watts style about half the time. Charlie Watts RARELY hits any cymbal, even the hihats, at the same time as the snare.
Overall, though, I enjoyed it. System was simple. We did not use any of the theater's installed gear. We used the smaller Midas 32R, X32 Rack, 5 12" 2-way JBL powered monitors, and one stack on each side consisting of a powered JBL 3-way 15" top set on a Husky X stand set on one unpowered JBL single 18 sub. The X stands had black covers on them, custom sewn by his Mom about ten years ago ;) FOH mixed half the show from the top seats away from actual FOH setup using the mini iPad.
The drummer only had wireless IEMs but also had a monitor with just kick in it.
I do have to say that the Brian Jones/Ronnie Wood guy was the best guitarist I have seen live in a couple years. The longer I listened and watched, the more impressed I got.

  • Rolling Stones Tribute band?Tony Wright, Sun Jun 3 14:46
    I always liked the idea of a Stones Tribute Band named: The Stolling Rones. Kind of catchy, doncha think?
    • So-so — Boomer, Mon Jun 4 12:25
      • StonesTony Wright, Mon Jun 4 23:20
        While NOT a tribute band, my FIRST two garage bands back in 65/66 were named 12x5 in tribute to the Stones' first US album. I think we did maybe 3 songs by the Stones. Those first two bands were much ... more
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