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Mike M
quiet on the sound-gig front
Sat Jun 16, 2018 06:17

I've got my annual ACS Relay for Life sound gig coming up on 6/22&23.. This year's event has a bit of a "wrinkle" as the showmobile/stage is unavailable. The organizers have procured a flat-bed truck and they are working on getting a canopy for the DJ/sound gear.

The gig goes from 3:00pm on Friday until 10:00am on Saturday...with music going until midnight and then starting up at 7:00am on Saturday morning..I "sleep over" (in my truck) on site just in case they need to make an announcement at 3:00am or so...

The showmobile was great as the generator noise was shielded from the performance area..not so much this time around.
(I did let the organizers know of this..)

I will bring plenty of tarps this time around as the dew gets pretty with all of the open space on stage it could be worse.

One good thing though: since the stage will be significantly higher this year I should be able to "center-cluster" the subs which adds way more stones to the DJ music.

There will also be fewer games/contests as the stage will be smaller. It should be an easier night than in the past.

The above sound gig is the last one for me for a while. My usual 4th of July fireworks sound gig isn't happening this year due to the fireworks being canceled due to lack of funds.

I am gigging (performing) every week through the end of July and mostly every week through mid October after July with my classical group.

I would like to pick up a show (sound gig) at some point between now and September just to break things up. Something usually pops-up as the summer goes on..

Mike M

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