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Mike M
Drying out.......
Sun Jun 24, 2018 07:50

I provided the rig for the annual ACS Relay for Life this past Friday night/Saturday morning.

The committee could not get the "show-mobile" as in past years so they got a ramp/tow truck to use as a stage....way less room.

Due to the lack of stage space there weren't as many contests/games (which was fine for me as I have had to MC some of the games in the past).

It was an easy Friday evening as it was mostly DJ music (there was a DJ there) easy that I even left the event to bang-out a wedding ceremony in Providence, RI they didn't even miss me!

Saturday morning there was a rain-squall approaching ('could see it on the radar) and I brought it to the event's director. She decided to end the event earlier (usually the closing ceremony is at 10:00am) this time it was 8:00am and she held the ceremony in a tent.

The DJ and I started breaking down the stage rig when it started raining. The cabs were bagged/tarped but all the wires/stands got wet.

Currently all of my gear has all of the racks open and all of the wires/cords "strewn all over" my storage space drying out.
I'll go back Monday morning and straighten tidy up.

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