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Commercial trash or plastic bags
Wed Jun 27, 2018 06:57

We had always simply used "lawn and leaf" sized trash bags, but never seemed to have them when we were at great for single 15s or 12s, but leaves a little to be desired for dual 15s and subs. We had one event where we had to pull the speakers out of a couple of cabinets that we could not get out of the sudden down burst fast enough...

We searched around and considered custom vinyl bags. There are lots of options, we just could not get off high center to make the purchase.

Finally, after stacking the cabinets in the center of a "circus tent" (40ft by 80ft)...on top of the stage which was under that tent...with a large tarp over the gear and it was tied down to the stage...we agreed that we need something different...but $$$ was always the issue as we did not have any budget.

I surfed lots of commercial enterprises for large shipping bags much like that which comes on the speakers fresh out of the box....hmmmmm, I wonder where.....?

I went Amazon and found some pallet sized bags that are very "loose" on the speakers. When there is a 40-50% chance of rain while our event is scheduled, we simply set up with one bag under the subwoofer. The plan is simple. Everyone has an assignment to "grab mics" or "grab monitors"...and so on.

The "big heavy stuff" stays in place. One tech pulls the bags UP and slaps gaff tape to hold them in place, while another crew member pulls an identical bag over the top, overlapping the bottom bag and tapes it down to the sides of the bag from the bottom. YES, that will eat up several bags and rolls of gaff tape. But we found that a crew of two can get the entire stage covered in less than 5 minutes...IF you pre stage the first bag under each stack of mains.

We just put the bag over the bottom half of the cabinet as we are setting gear in place for the event...then we push it down much like a fireman would drape his bunker gear over his boots at night, just grab and pull up, quick wrap with tape (the belt) and then throw one more bag over the top (the coat).

We even tested it in the theater on stage to make sure there was NO problem with leaving the sound on...that's right. Our plan of attack is to do this between bands when it looks like we have a storm headed our way and our supervisors seem to hesitate to cancel an event.

Obviously, it is not a solution for the one man crew...especially one recovering from shoulder surgery.

Back to using the bags while sound is still running thru the speaker....

I think I heard about "trash bags over the speaker on a stick" here first. I had a volunteer gig at my church for July 4th that year with a strong chance of stormy weather. I took a box of "lawn and leaf" and a box of "large trash can" bags. I was pleased to see a 10x10 pop up tent for a "stage"....just 3 performers/groups. Two solo performers including a paid semi pro....she told old time stories of cowboys on the range and sang appropriate songs. One was a church member who played guitar and sang.

The "group" was 3 or 4 choir members who sang with a piano for backing instrument...I was concerned about the electronics in the piano since the rain was "misting" but the audience was NOT leaving "so the show must go on" and they simply moved the piano to the driest spot under the tent. The four speakers (two PR-15 cabinets on sticks and two CGM monitors on the ground) were all in trash bags...if you were real close, you could hear a very slight "bzzz" of the plastic on the speaker as sound came thru both. (Boxtop powered mixer was in a bag as well.)

By the time the music quit, the sun was coming out. Of course. Naturally. The pastor was pleased I didn't "chicken out" and simply pack up...and I was soaked to my BVDs with pictures of Mickey Mouse....(TMI ???)


The bags are so big in diameter that they would not "hold themselves in place" without the tape. One bag fits all! Thus the bag on the bottom is so loose that you can pull it up from standing in place and pulling it up to almost the top of the cabinet. The tape is just to hold it in place while you pull the second bag over the top. THAT is the bag you need to get tight and at least run a few strips of gaff tape from the top to hold it in place against the bottom bag. PERSONALLY...I would have some large bungee cords on hand....but that was beyond our budget at the time.

Enough already...

Mike: Glad you got your gear protected and stashed for transport before the big storm hit.

Fans blowing on the cable spread out on the floor will speed the process...but honestly, just letting them lay exposed to air is as good.

I have been rained on several times over the years and "maybe" lost one or two cables that did not dry out properly or simply were junk anyway as that was during the years I bought the $5 cables from Musicians Friend. Now I buy better cables and have not had a single one fail for any reason.

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