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Bags, tarps, & covers, oh my!
Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:27

We just have plastic tarps under the subs and pull them up and over them for bad weather or overnight storage. Tuck them over top and underneath with a ratchet strap around them. This is normally for a pair or four or six subs, usually under scaffolding. We do the same for multiple tops. Single speakers on sticks get the bag treatment. We may tie or tape those bottoms to stay secure overnight but leave them open for air flow while operating since all our tops are powered.

  • Commercial trash or plastic bagsTony Wright, Wed Jun 27 06:57
    We had always simply used "lawn and leaf" sized trash bags, but never seemed to have them when we were at great for single 15s or 12s, but leaves a little to be desired for dual 15s and... more
    • spinning my own cordsMike M, Thu Jul 5 22:34
      "maybe" lost one or two cables that did not dry out properly or simply were junk anyway as that was during the years I bought the $5 cables from Musicians Friend. Now I buy better cables and have not ... more
    • Bags, tarps, & covers, oh my! — Boomer, Thu Jun 28 10:27
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