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Mike M
"Old School"???
Fri Jun 29, 2018 06:14

During the ACS Relay for Life gig last week I had plenty of time to chat with the DJ.
I have worked with him on several yearly events over the past dozen years or so.
He is enamored by "line array" rigs and asked me when I was going to upgrade from my "old school" rig......

I told him that in my niche there is no need for me to do so, then he mentioned that they make small line array systems (two speakers) that are pole mounted....

Being a DJ, he is impressed by the latest and greatest, but really, will a "small" pole-mounted line array (VRX928LA)or similar be THAT much better than a Yorkville TX4 on a pole??

My rigs are paid for and produce a profit for me - plain and simple.
Getting into the line array game is an expensive proposition...even the cheap stuff costs a bunch.

My thinking: that DJ dude wants me to purchase one and then he can rent it from me.....

I do have four Yorkville e168's that I purchased (as used) several years ago. Due to the design of the cabs I could mount them in a line array format...but why??

Old school....bahh humbug!!

    • Line arrayCurtis, Sat Jun 30 06:13
      Iím at the stage of considering line array myself. Iím currently using 4 JBL SRX 835Pís and 4 828SPís. I was told by the owner of a pro sound company that is a JBL dealer that I would need 4 per side ... more
      • Return on investmentMike M, Sat Jun 30 06:30
        I am always aware of ROI when I purchase gear... Although I carry liability insurance, cranking up 100+lbs. in the air increases risk....while making the event a "two man" operation. The above two... more
        • LightingTony Wright, Sun Jul 1 23:01
          I cannot justify a line array. I already owned a system of similar size as Mike's and I considered a line array for a short time. The Oklahoma City and Tulsa soundco already own the arrays and... more
          • humidity....W-O-WMike M, Sun Jul 1 23:26
            This past Saturday my ensemble played an afternoon chapel ceremony where there was no AC. The outside temp was almost 90 and the humidity was oppressive.... It was interesting trying to play my flute ... more
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