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Tony Wright
Sun Jul 1, 2018 23:01

I cannot justify a line array. I already owned a system of similar size as Mike's and I considered a line array for a short time. The Oklahoma City and Tulsa soundco already own the arrays and multiple Showmobile trailers. It would be foolish for me to compete in a crowded market.

So, what can I do? Well, I have a small lighting rig and a smaller sound system and I can take local gigs or leave them since my gear is paid for.

For a club band or for a private party, I have enough for the local venues.

I currently own American DJ products. I would certainly consider Blizzard for their new Hot Box and other similar fixtures, especially since we bought a dozen of the Hot Box 5 this past FY at work. But as things stand for me...I am in good shape and have more lights than any of my rental clients have asked for.

My current inventory includes:
2 ADJ CWWW18 cool white and warm light
6 ADJ Tri18X Red-Green-Blue
10 ADJ V-Par Red-Green-Blue-Amber
10 ADJ V-Bar Red-Green-Blue-Amber (Might have 12 V-bar)
4 ADJ Ultra Bar 9 Red-Green-Blue

If that looks squirrely, keep in mind that the Tri18X are for down light on the musicians "stage wash". The two white LEDs are for facial recognition, and also used for public speaking events.

The smaller fixtures work just find for small band gigs or small venue lighting...AND they can be used for up lighting on large stages or wedding chapels or pretty much anyplace you want an accent light.

I plan to use the longer "bar" fixtures for back lighting (put them on an "I-beam" truss...I have a truss that has three 5ft sections that fit on my crank up stands).

I will check out that I-Beam thing as soon as the air temp gets below is HOT right now, current humidity at 11pm is 89%...

  • Return on investmentMike M, Sat Jun 30 06:30
    I am always aware of ROI when I purchase gear... Although I carry liability insurance, cranking up 100+lbs. in the air increases risk....while making the event a "two man" operation. The above two... more
    • Lighting — Tony Wright, Sun Jul 1 23:01
      • humidity....W-O-WMike M, Sun Jul 1 23:26
        This past Saturday my ensemble played an afternoon chapel ceremony where there was no AC. The outside temp was almost 90 and the humidity was oppressive.... It was interesting trying to play my flute ... more
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