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Friday gig cancelled due to weather
Wed Jul 18, 2018 19:42

I was told that the "3rd Friday of the month" Friday Food Trucks and Tunes event scheduled for July 20 is cancelled due to the weather.

National Weather Service forecasts the ambient air temperature in our town at 6pm Friday will be 105F with 25% humidity. A Heat Advisory for Friday has been issued noting that the NWS strongly urges no more than 30 minutes exposure outdoors unless it is followed by 30 minutes in air conditioning. Rather than place local residents and city employees at risk, the decision was made to cancel the event.

Our performance contract has a 28 day clause for cancelations. Since we are "within" the 28 day time period, the artists are entitled to their pay without performing. However, according to the contract, if both parties agree to reschedule, then then the contract remains valid. We have successfully used that clause last year. And I sent an email prior to leaving work today suggesting reschedule dates for the two bands that were to play the July event.

We are offering one band the August event and the other band is offered a time slot in the September event. Should either band accept, we will need to reschedule both the other bands for that specific month. We plan to offer the rescheduled July band in each case to have the 5pm start (90 minute set). Then the 1st band scheduled for "that specific month" will start at 7pm and the last band starts at 9pm. Same thing for the second (last) month of this concert season.

If I cannot get both July bands to move into the two 5pm time slots (one each August and September), then we will likely consider both July bands in one of those months. Or simply hand them the check and shake hands.

They are legally entitled to the checks right now. And next year we will certainly look forward to booking bands that want to "perform" should the six events (April to September) be refunded for the next FY.

It is always a gamble with outdoor events in Oklahoma summertime. But then, the same is true for everyone who frequents this forum.

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