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Tony Wright
New Toys chapter 93
Wed Jul 18, 2018 20:26

I am sure I have made at least 92 previous purchases of gear, so here we go with the next edition of Toys for Tony.

1) I decided to package a simply PA for dry rental. (No tech provided, equipment only.) The target client would be a 3 or 4 piece band playing the "local college bar"-"Greek life event scene". Two speakers on a stick (two JBL PRX615 bought used from ). My current two JBL PRX612 for monitors along with my Mackie ProFX16 (12 channels with fader control, onboard GEQ and EFX, 2 monitor mixes.) I would like to pick up one more self powered cabinet for a drum monitor.

I am considering the "close out" Mackie Thump 15 OR the Behringer B115 or even the B215D for drum monitor (hey Boomer any advice?). Most of the venues I anticipate this system would be used would be backyard parties in the warm months, small clubs and multipurpose rooms holding 200 or less, and an occasional private party.

Right now, the focus needs to be to post an ad on CL and maybe on my personal FB...not sure how that works, but who knows.

2) Yes, a two part story:

I had a scheduled gig with my music partner, acoustic electric guitar, electric bass and vocals. 2 piece. Our percussionist graduated and left town. We were to play a very small venue...well, the venue is probably fire code around 125-150 people tops. But it has a mini patio out front where "groups" occasionally play.

Mark spoke to the manager who said, "No pay, but you are welcome to play out front. Did I mention it is a small patio? Probably about 15-20feet by about 10 or 12 feet. Apparently, the current tenant took the "display window" of a downtown retail store and removed it putting a full insulated wall across the front onto Main Street.

That "display" area is now simply "sidewalk" but the owner placed a small decorative chain across the front so it is clearly part of the "bar property" so his license covers that area as well. There are maybe 6 or 8 metal chairs in that area. If you bring your own lawn chair, it can hold around a dozen...maybe 15 people. THAT was to be our performance area.

When I was told, I was not a happy camper, but rather than start a fight, I confirmed that Mark told the guy what we do and such. So I showed up with enough time to load in and set up. (ONE small 10 powered cabinet for bass, guitar and 2 vocals.)

The manager politely (yeah, you know bar managers, right?) informed me, "NO BANDS." I pointed out that he had spoke to Mark. "Yeah but NO electricity." But of course I play "ELECTRIC BASS". NO ELECTRIC he repeated. No outlets on the front. "Can I take an extension cord thru the mail slot on the door?" NO! Fire code prohibits. So I went back to the car and waited for Mark to arrive and explained. I was not the least bit mad or upset because I really did not care in the least if I played there until I was told "NO".

Well, Mark played. I stuck around for about 45 minutes of his hour, but I went on home. I had an early morning obligation.

THEN I got mad at home and started looking for "battery powered bass amp" and "battery powered PA".

I read several decent reviews on the Roland MicroCube RX. I came very close and I still might buy one.

But battery powered PA becomes a slight problem. Several of the manufacturers offering those "stick" personal PA have battery powered options. NO. Over $1000 for something I might need twice a year...and that is being generous...4 times in 5 years is closer to the reality.

I finally ran across something between a joke and a toy that I bought. If one of you snickers I will agree...but even so, at the price it is worth the experiment:

American Audio ELS 8 GO LTS (Go to Musicians Friend and enter the following SKU: K45650 000000000 ).

Battery powered PA cabinet. (Those stupid LEDs can be turned off, thank goodness.) 8 inch speaker. One guy claimed they are 30 Watts in his review. I have no idea as I did not find anything else on MF or on the manufacturer's web page. Intended for beach or outdoor weddings or other private parties. A couple of guys indicate they sound "adequate for what you paid". "IF" this works at all and can support bass guitar volume at the same level as an unamplified acoustic guitar, THEN I WILL BE HAPPY!

I did not tell Mark, but I figure he and I could plug vocals into one and if necessary, we could plug vocals and our instrument into one cabinet each.

If nothing else, I have a nice novelty item that will make me the "go to guy" for stupid parties. Right?

While not typical pro audio...sometimes I do bring in some interesting stories. Right?

    • GAS.....on hold - for now...Mike M, Wed Jul 18 21:28
      I too have looked at the possibility of getting a battery powered set up for remote wedding ceremonies. Why, you should ask...? My classical group performs for a few seaside beach wedding ceremonies... more
      • Patience young Jedi...Tony Wright, Thu Jul 19 00:59
        Wait to read my review of the two American Audio. Remember, these are ultra low budget products that can be sold at $60 each...but are worth around $5. And perhaps these are vice versa. Low price,... more
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