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Thanks - and a follow up question
Thu Aug 2, 2018 22:06

I appreciate your reply. A couple of follow up questions...

Are you running bass or keyboard thru your own PA? If you had a pair of the B115D would you still want or need the B1200D for low end?

You seem comfortable with the interchange of the B110D and B112D for either assignment. If you did not have the B1200D...would you opt for 112 or 115 for mains and use the 110 or 112 to handle monitor duties?

What I would buy me is not the goal...I am trying to package a budget priced "small club" PA for two singer-songwriters or a small 3 or 4 piece band in a venue of 125-150 of their closest friends.

If you remember, I used to make decent pocket change with a box-top style powered mixer and a pair of Peavey PR15 and two CGM 112 monitors and if the mixer was that Mackie 808 that I owned, I would throw in a third monitor if it was idle that night.

I would like to get back into that market. I think a handful of Behringer B110/112/115 would fit nicely in reaching that goal.

  • Behringer D seriesBoomer, Thu Aug 2 12:56
    I have the D series. B1xxD where the xx is the woofer size, they come in 8, 10, 12, & 15" two way powered tops. There is an additional 12 & 15 model that can connect with Bluetooth for running iTunes ... more
    • Thanks - and a follow up question — Tony Wright, Thu Aug 2 22:06
      • Fair questions Boomer, Fri Aug 3 11:04
        I ran the full band through the PA. The bass stage amp was as strong as the subs. The keys low end about the same but that was at a winery and the band was too loud for the space. The couple bar gigs ... more
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