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Re: Hey Boomer! How about a review of your speakers?
Fri Aug 3, 2018 11:01

Not Behringer speakers, but I've been pleasantly impressed by the EV ZLX12P that I bought about two years ago. Clean and clear audio with onboard DSP that makes it ideal for throwing on a stand or down on the ground as a monitor (which is where I've used it 80% of the time - I run my guitar tone direct through an amp emulator into the cab, then use the cab's output to go to the board).

I've also used it as a bass amp. I have two bass amps - a first generation SWR LA 12 and a Behringer BA300X head with a Steelsound 2x12 bass cab. I'm afraid I've pushed the little 60 watt SWR amp a little too much over the years (it's been my primary amp for rehearsals, church, theatre, and jazz gigs) and the speaker is starting to distort at a lower volume than ever before. On a whim, I plugged into the ZLX12P during a rehearsal, and it sounded great! Perfectly clean and impressively loud for a 12" full range cab. I wouldn't run it as a subwoofer or anything, but it does speak to its versatility, and I may finally retire the old SWR.

They can be had new for $350-400, and you could just buy five cabinets to be used in any configuration needed (4 mains and a monitor, for example, or 5 monitors if the main PA was already taken care of). There's a person in Tulsa selling a pair on Craigslist right now (price is a little high for my taste, but I'm cheap). I like working with ProAudioStar out of NY- they are always willing to cut a heck of a deal if you talk with them directly (for example, I got mine two years ago for $300).

The only thing I'd suggest is to buy or make covers for the cabinets, as they dent and scratch pretty easily.

I feel like that might be a better bang for your buck since EV is a better brand than Behringer. You'd (theoretically) be able to get better resale value out of them as well (that cat on CL is selling for $325 apiece when they only cost $399 at Guitar Center).

  • Hey Boomer! How about a review of your speakers?Tony Wright, Wed Aug 1 09:57
    I am seriously considering getting back into the equipment rental side of pro audio. I don't want to "run the sound" for hire outside of my steady job at the venue where I currently work. But every... more
    • Re: Hey Boomer! How about a review of your speakers? — MusicManD, Fri Aug 3 11:01
      • Other brand powered plastic speakersBoomer, Sat Aug 4 09:00
        There are a lot of other brands as good with a better reputation. My SoundCo buddy has a couple of the Yamaha DBX10s (model number might be wrong) & they work great for speaking gigs and as extra... more
        • Yamaha boxesTony Wright, Sun Aug 5 05:59
          The lightweight plastic boxes I own are the Yamaha DBR series. I have four of the DBR10 and I think they are great sounding and PLENTY LOUD for MY band at any venue we might play...and that would... more
        • Re: Other brand powered plastic speakersMusicManD, Sat Aug 4 11:18
          At $700 apiece, I'd expect the Yammies to be miles ahead of the ZLX12P. I don't remember if they were in my consideration when I was shopping for an FRFR speaker; they might have been out of the... more
          • Keep in mind my goal for this system...Tony Wright, Sun Aug 5 04:47
            MusicManD: Keep in mind that I am retired. I had to take the job I have (limited to 29 hours per week and NO benefits) in order to have spare cash for stuff like band gear and car insurance and those ... more
            • Powered speaker Accessories Boomer, Sun Aug 5 18:17
              I think the powered speakers come with 3' IEC power cables. I purchased several 6' & 10' IEC power cables so the extension cord connection isn't halfway up the pole/stand. So a floor power strip... more
              • Good stuff Boomer, thanks!Tony Wright, Mon Aug 6 07:02
                I need some of the longer IEC cables. Thus far, I have used some black extension cords that I gaff tape to the IEC and it works, and doesn't took "bad" but doesn't look as nice as I want. I just... more
    • Behringer D seriesBoomer, Thu Aug 2 12:56
      I have the D series. B1xxD where the xx is the woofer size, they come in 8, 10, 12, & 15" two way powered tops. There is an additional 12 & 15 model that can connect with Bluetooth for running iTunes ... more
      • Thanks - and a follow up questionTony Wright, Thu Aug 2 22:06
        I appreciate your reply. A couple of follow up questions... Are you running bass or keyboard thru your own PA? If you had a pair of the B115D would you still want or need the B1200D for low end? You... more
        • Fair questions Boomer, Fri Aug 3 11:04
          I ran the full band through the PA. The bass stage amp was as strong as the subs. The keys low end about the same but that was at a winery and the band was too loud for the space. The couple bar gigs ... more
    • berringer monitorsMike M, Wed Aug 1 16:32
      FWIW: I have a sound-tech friend (with whom I have alot of respect for) that uses Behringer 12" powered speakers for monitor duty. He has had them for quite a few years and likes them for his... more
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