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Fair questions
Fri Aug 3, 2018 11:04

I ran the full band through the PA. The bass stage amp was as strong as the subs. The keys low end about the same but that was at a winery and the band was too loud for the space. The couple bar gigs were small spaces, too.

I've never tried the 15" versions. I'd expect a pair of those with an acoustic band with bass player would work great.

The 12s are very good all around monitors, but if a low end isn't a priority in the monitor (I.e., not a drummer or bassist) the 10s are great for the vocal/guitar range.

Looking back, if I had not been focused on getting the small powered subs with a smaller top for a compact system, a pair of 15s would have worked out fine. I wanted the concentrated LF of the subs and very lightweight tops.

  • Thanks - and a follow up questionTony Wright, Thu Aug 2 22:06
    I appreciate your reply. A couple of follow up questions... Are you running bass or keyboard thru your own PA? If you had a pair of the B115D would you still want or need the B1200D for low end? You... more
    • Fair questions — Boomer, Fri Aug 3 11:04
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