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Other brand powered plastic speakers
Sat Aug 4, 2018 09:00

There are a lot of other brands as good with a better reputation.
My SoundCo buddy has a couple of the Yamaha DBX10s (model number might be wrong) & they work great for speaking gigs and as extra monitors. He has 8 of the wood Yamaha powered 12" monitors but sometimes runs out of them ;) Like for our nearby town Monday in the park gig where we add one each of the 12"s for side fills next to the mains (powered 3 way top over a single 18" unpowered sub) and one almost rear fill to cover the whole park where the stage is a central large gazebo. Then a 6 or 7 piece band shows ;(
Anyways, he likes them a lot and plans on getting a couple more of the DBX10s. I like them, too.
We did use my B112Ds for the multi venue First Night gigs.

For me, it came down to my Behringer experience and cost to return value in my situation. The 10s were about $200 each and the 12s were under $250 each new via various eBay sources (IIRC, 1 was $225 & the other was $235). The 12" subs were $300 each. If I had the $$, I would have likely got the Yamahas. EV also has a high power 12" powered sub, last I knew.

Yeah, you can buy a Honda for $Xxxx, or you can buy a Hyundai for $xxx that does the same job. It comes down to what your end goal is and how much the reputation affects your decision and what you can afford. My SoundCo buddy doesn't like using the Behringer speakers, IMO because they are prominently seen. He has/had no prob with Behringer compressors, and uses the X32Rack mixer interchangeably with the Midas M32R. (Music Group, i.e., Behringer, owns Midas, Klark-Technic and Turbosound and there is a lot of cross pollination going on, why reinvent the wheel?)

  • Not Behringer speakers, but I've been pleasantly impressed by the EV ZLX12P that I bought about two years ago. Clean and clear audio with onboard DSP that makes it ideal for throwing on a stand or... more
    • Other brand powered plastic speakers — Boomer, Sat Aug 4 09:00
      • Yamaha boxesTony Wright, Sun Aug 5 05:59
        The lightweight plastic boxes I own are the Yamaha DBR series. I have four of the DBR10 and I think they are great sounding and PLENTY LOUD for MY band at any venue we might play...and that would... more
      • Re: Other brand powered plastic speakersMusicManD, Sat Aug 4 11:18
        At $700 apiece, I'd expect the Yammies to be miles ahead of the ZLX12P. I don't remember if they were in my consideration when I was shopping for an FRFR speaker; they might have been out of the... more
        • Keep in mind my goal for this system...Tony Wright, Sun Aug 5 04:47
          MusicManD: Keep in mind that I am retired. I had to take the job I have (limited to 29 hours per week and NO benefits) in order to have spare cash for stuff like band gear and car insurance and those ... more
          • Powered speaker Accessories Boomer, Sun Aug 5 18:17
            I think the powered speakers come with 3' IEC power cables. I purchased several 6' & 10' IEC power cables so the extension cord connection isn't halfway up the pole/stand. So a floor power strip... more
            • Good stuff Boomer, thanks!Tony Wright, Mon Aug 6 07:02
              I need some of the longer IEC cables. Thus far, I have used some black extension cords that I gaff tape to the IEC and it works, and doesn't took "bad" but doesn't look as nice as I want. I just... more
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