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Tony Wright
Yamaha boxes
Sun Aug 5, 2018 05:59

The lightweight plastic boxes I own are the Yamaha DBR series. I have four of the DBR10 and I think they are great sounding and PLENTY LOUD for MY band at any venue we might play...and that would have included my previous two bands, Retrospect and Slick Willie and the Right Cats...both would have been happy with the four DBR10. In fact, my last 3 or 4 gigs with Gloria and Larry and Augie (Retrospect) we used two up and two down for the small venues we played. We might have used two DBR10s for monitors and my two JBL PRX612 for mains...not sure I had all four for that gig at the Moose Lodge. But we did at the Elks and at the Eagles. (I'm fairly sure about that.) Seems to me we also did a couple of the OSU faculty gatherings with the small Yamaha DBR10.

Boomer this part is for you...
The wooden Yamaha powered speaker cabinet is probably one of the following models:
"DZR" or the "DXS" series (Yamaha site indicates "plywood" cabinets)
"DZR" is made of a "wood fiber and glue" cabinet (particle board or chip board???).
It is unclear what material is used in the DSR, but I am leaning towards some wooden product as the cabinet is covered in "Line-X" which is their "truck bed spray type finish"...

The "DXR" AND the "DBR" (the series I own) are ABS plastic cabinet construction.

They do tend to mess with the letters so they help confuse...this last 3 paragraphs took me over an hour to research and I am still not 100% certain I am right...but that never stopped me before, so (disclaimer) check twice and verify, demand proof of construction materials from the store sales person...have them scratch some finish off and then demand they lower the price on the blemished product.

Try that and see how far it gets you...(HA!)

Useless musings on "absolute" declarations of "never gonna..."

I recall back around 2002 or 03 proclaiming that I would NEVER buy a plastic cabinet. Then around 2005(?) I bought a pair of Peavey PR15. For what they were intended to do, they did it well...paid for themselves over the years and STILL brought fair market price when sold.

I also recall claiming I would never buy a powered speaker...yeah, that went down in flames around 2007-ish? A pair of used Mackie SRM450 that got a lot of use...and I did not worry about dings on the plastic box because they were pretty beat up when I bought them. Then Eon305 (passive) and that was followed by a pair of Mackie C300 (passive). Next I think I had a pair of each Mackie Thump 12 and Thump 15. Around then I bought a pair of EON315 powered mains...and I am NOT going to discuss the passive wood cabinets, but I recall having six SW218V subs and eight S115V mains, then dumping that rig for two JBL MRX525 and two JBL SRX728 subs...I ran 10,000 Watts to power those four cabinets plus five monitors. That BIG system lasted about six months. I discovered there were few places in town that had ample electrical service for either the Yamaha rig or the later JBL MRX/SRX system. THEN I went on a weight reduction diet...and went with all self powered JBL PRX-6xx series cabinets. That lasted about 18 months.

And somewhere in all that nonsense, I said "I will NEVER own any Behringer gear!"

And I will now tell the world "I will NEVER make any more declarations again!" You can file that with all those other similar announcements. Perhaps I should go into state government politics...whadda ya think. Yeah, me too, I will never run for....OH NO YOU DON'T...I am smarter than that. I am smarter than your average Smoky the Bear...

  • Other brand powered plastic speakersBoomer, Sat Aug 4 09:00
    There are a lot of other brands as good with a better reputation. My SoundCo buddy has a couple of the Yamaha DBX10s (model number might be wrong) & they work great for speaking gigs and as extra... more
    • Yamaha boxes — Tony Wright, Sun Aug 5 05:59
    • Re: Other brand powered plastic speakersMusicManD, Sat Aug 4 11:18
      At $700 apiece, I'd expect the Yammies to be miles ahead of the ZLX12P. I don't remember if they were in my consideration when I was shopping for an FRFR speaker; they might have been out of the... more
      • Keep in mind my goal for this system...Tony Wright, Sun Aug 5 04:47
        MusicManD: Keep in mind that I am retired. I had to take the job I have (limited to 29 hours per week and NO benefits) in order to have spare cash for stuff like band gear and car insurance and those ... more
        • Powered speaker Accessories Boomer, Sun Aug 5 18:17
          I think the powered speakers come with 3' IEC power cables. I purchased several 6' & 10' IEC power cables so the extension cord connection isn't halfway up the pole/stand. So a floor power strip... more
          • Good stuff Boomer, thanks!Tony Wright, Mon Aug 6 07:02
            I need some of the longer IEC cables. Thus far, I have used some black extension cords that I gaff tape to the IEC and it works, and doesn't took "bad" but doesn't look as nice as I want. I just... more
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