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Powered speaker Accessories
Sun Aug 5, 2018 18:17

I think the powered speakers come with 3' IEC power cables. I purchased several 6' & 10' IEC power cables so the extension cord connection isn't halfway up the pole/stand. So a floor power strip works for both the top and subs, in my case. 30', 40', $ 50' XLR cables come in handy with the powered speakers. The powered speaker Siamese cables with AC & XLR signal are great but also greatly expensive, IMO.

  • Keep in mind my goal for this system...Tony Wright, Sun Aug 5 04:47
    MusicManD: Keep in mind that I am retired. I had to take the job I have (limited to 29 hours per week and NO benefits) in order to have spare cash for stuff like band gear and car insurance and those ... more
    • Powered speaker Accessories — Boomer, Sun Aug 5 18:17
      • Good stuff Boomer, thanks!Tony Wright, Mon Aug 6 07:02
        I need some of the longer IEC cables. Thus far, I have used some black extension cords that I gaff tape to the IEC and it works, and doesn't took "bad" but doesn't look as nice as I want. I just... more
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