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Mike M
Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:35

Hello All: Last weekend I went to a local church festival (one of the bigger church festivals in my area). There was a fairly large PA hired in for the stage..

I did my usual "gear-snoop" and saw "another" X32 at FOH.

It seems that most of the small to medium providers in my area are using them...

I have also noticed more'n more ads on the local craigslists looking for tech's that are familiar with mixing on x32's..

It's like Amazon/Google (+ stupid drivers - lol).... They are "everywhere"....
...or so it seems.

    • That's our primary mixerBoomer, Sun Aug 12 08:19
      The SoundCo has the Midas M32 and M32R but the X32 is always in the van with the go to system. Even when using the M32R, the X32 is the stage box used. Like we are setting up today;) Friday, I was... more
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