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Donald McHugh
power amps and powered speakers
Wed Sep 5, 2018 23:00

looking for some advice, I am running carvin tr1801's subs, 800 continous, I am powering them with a plx 1804 which is 600 watts at 8ohm. Is that underpowering those subs enough that would cause it to blow a driver? (my spec says i can use 100 watts to 1200 watts recommended) My next question is my pa and all components are plugged into a monster pro 3500, which turns everything on and off in the proper sequence. Do I also need to turn the levels all the way down on the power amps before powering off? If I do, if iam using powered speakers do their levels need to be turned down before powering off.
If iam daisy chaining 2 8 ohmn subs together at 1000 watts @ 4 ohms, will that deliver 1000 watts to each speaker or does it split to 500 each. Thank you all in advance.

    • Re: power amps and powered speakersBoomer, Thu Sep 6 08:47
      Nice lightweight amp. I owned a couple. Plenty of power for those subs. Don't worry about that. If the AC power controller does power down and up in the sequence desired, powered speakers first,... more
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