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Re: power amps and powered speakers
Thu Sep 6, 2018 08:47

Nice lightweight amp. I owned a couple. Plenty of power for those subs. Don't worry about that.

If the AC power controller does power down and up in the sequence desired, powered speakers first, power amp second, then other stuff, mixer, etc., when powering down, then you do not have to turn the levels down first.
The bridged power will be split equally between the similar loads. I.e., 1000 watts at 4 ohms out of a bridged power amplifier will provide 500 watts into 2 8 ohm speakers when electrically paralleled. This is where some blow up speakers IF they are pushing the speaker's power limits and then disconnect one before powering down the amplifier.

  • power amps and powered speakersDonald McHugh, Wed Sep 5 23:00
    looking for some advice, I am running carvin tr1801's subs, 800 continous, I am powering them with a plx 1804 which is 600 watts at 8ohm. Is that underpowering those subs enough that would cause it... more
    • Re: power amps and powered speakers — Boomer, Thu Sep 6 08:47
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