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Tony Wright
You are correct...
Fri Sep 7, 2018 02:06

We worked it out before I read your reply. We came to the same solution. But I will also need to have the ability to play actual CDs so I am back to needing that type of device...and since I do a few wedding gigs, a dual CD player (new OR used) has been a tool I need. I may get to OKC in the next 10 days and buy a used device IF I see a USED one online that catches my attention.

  • Sounds liked horse pucky to meBoomer, Thu Sep 6 08:35
    One time use. Unpaid gig. Not worth buying an item, not worth renting an item. If a person can make and bring a thumb drive music library, they can also bring the device to play them, IMO. Any small, ... more
    • You are correct... — Tony Wright, Fri Sep 7 02:06
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