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Been slow here
Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:46

Worked an Elvis gig Friday evening. Only $10 a ticket and the place was packed with OLD people! The women went a little crazy like he was the real deal. 9 members, with guitar, bass, keys, drums, trumpet, trombone, 2 backing singers and "Elvis". We had to supply backline amps, drums, and stands. At noon they mention they needed a double keyboard stand. Could not get one. Had a single. Found a unit that was made to attach to another stand but no way on ours. We grabbed the two RS Optimus monitors the theater had (Autobots, roll out!), set them on end, screwed the othwise non functional upper keyboard tier to those, draped a black sheet over the grey rat fur monitors. Pushed in the single keyboard stand behind that. The player looked at it and just said, "cool". Good thing he played standing up.

We had our sound company picnic Saturday, great steaks!

    • Elvis LIVE with Johnny CashTony Wright, Tue Sep 11 10:14
      We have Elvis AND Johnny coming up in a month or so (I think). This is not a local production, in fact, the promoter is the agent and the show provides their own lights and sound...all we provide is... more
    • quiet here too on the sound front..Mike M, Tue Sep 11 07:59
      My sound-for-hire side business has been quiet as of late. My last SFH gig was the Relay for Life in June. I usually do the sound for a local town's 4th of July fireworks but the display was... more
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