Mike M
Gig report
Tue Nov 6, 2018 05:14

I provided the rig for an annual multi-band gig this past Saturday. (Look back at my past years' "gig reports" around the first week of November).

The hosts were great, bands were good, people were happy, my rig sounded "sweet"....all'n all a good, albeit late, night.

After visiting storage yesterday to unload I discovered TWO extra cables; one 20' xlr and one 6' guitar cable...

I feel like I won the lottery...ha!

'Can't remember the last time I finished a gig with more gear.......

I will send an email to the organizer though.... It's almost Christmas season...right?

I don't wanna "rile up" Santa...

Mike M

    • sounds like a fun gig...Tony Wright, Tue Nov 6 07:09
      I was envious when I read the gig report...it has been 2 months since I ran sound...and that was for my two piece acoustic/electric ensemble and three other musicians who played during our... more
      • things have been quiet....Mike M, Tue Nov 6 09:04
        Last year I made a conscious decision to chase more gigs for my trio..we have 38 wedding/corp gigs in 2018 (up from 31 last year). My sound gigs have been down a bit, which is ok. I always strive for ... more
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