Prepping early for NYE
Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:49

Scheduled to start setting up for NYE on 26 December! We will do the system I'll be using first for the bluegrass band at a church's large social hall. I even get a free lunch. Gotta love a real pro attitude in a sound company. Unfortunately, that also means I only get paid by checks and receive a Form 1099 for taxes ;(

    • NYE for me:Mike M, Sun Dec 23 08:04
      My classical ensemble is playing a wedding ceremony (5:30pm-6:30pm)in Newport, RI. Two weeks ago the wedding planner called me to ask if I can provide a stand-mounted mic for the Rabbi. (The band... more
      • Can I guess what rig you take?Tony Wright, Mon Dec 24 09:42
        Bose 802/502BP for the ceremony and announcements? If I understood your original post, your classical ensemble is playing for the "gathering, ceremony, and meal"? And the a band is playing for the... more
        • NYE gear...Mike M, Mon Dec 24 11:12
          The sound (if one can call it that) portion of my NYE gig is providing one wireless stand-mounted mic and a couple of speakers for the Rabbi's ceremony - that's it. The band wanted to charge the... more
    • YepTony Wright, Sat Dec 22 15:23
      I apparently did something the computer did not like...I lost my reply. To rephrase all that mess to make it simple: Yep. My tax guy looks at my "band and sound rental" income and my expenses and... more
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