Tony Wright
Sat Dec 22, 2018 15:23

I apparently did something the computer did not like...I lost my reply.

To rephrase all that mess to make it simple:

Yep. My tax guy looks at my "band and sound rental" income and my expenses and just makes note that my expenses exceeded my income and moves on...he uses some form, I sign, he keeps my notes and I move on. I think I earned less than $300 including 2 gigs and the sale of an amp. I spent over $4000 buying new toys.


Sounds like you have a fun NYE lined up. I am off work NYE and we have not played (2 piece ensemble) since we lost our drummer...well, except for the guitar player's brother's birthday (gratis, free, zip) 3 hour drive across Oklahoma from north central (an hour NE of Oklahoma City) to the southwest (An hour southwest of Lawton/Ft Sill). An hour to OKC, and hour to Lawton, an hour to Frederick. No motel, so we drive home at midnight.

Nope, not enough income to report. And all my hours at my "day job" are on the clock and documented for IRS and Okla Tax Commission. No loose cash for me.

Right now, I need to go out and repair the damage on the manger scene in the front yard. Winds of around 55mph. Shipping pallets (the side walls of the manger) were blown over. I think I will rely on something "mechanical" other than "gravity". Leaning part A against part B works for calm days. It's a fixin' to come a cold wind again.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

  • Prepping early for NYEBoomer, Sat Dec 22 11:49
    Scheduled to start setting up for NYE on 26 December! We will do the system I'll be using first for the bluegrass band at a church's large social hall. I even get a free lunch. Gotta love a real pro... more
    • NYE for me:Mike M, Sun Dec 23 08:04
      My classical ensemble is playing a wedding ceremony (5:30pm-6:30pm)in Newport, RI. Two weeks ago the wedding planner called me to ask if I can provide a stand-mounted mic for the Rabbi. (The band... more
      • Can I guess what rig you take?Tony Wright, Mon Dec 24 09:42
        Bose 802/502BP for the ceremony and announcements? If I understood your original post, your classical ensemble is playing for the "gathering, ceremony, and meal"? And the a band is playing for the... more
        • NYE gear...Mike M, Mon Dec 24 11:12
          The sound (if one can call it that) portion of my NYE gig is providing one wireless stand-mounted mic and a couple of speakers for the Rabbi's ceremony - that's it. The band wanted to charge the... more
    • Yep — Tony Wright, Sat Dec 22 15:23
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