Can I guess what rig you take?
Mon Dec 24, 2018 09:42

Bose 802/502BP for the ceremony and announcements?

If I understood your original post, your classical ensemble is playing for the "gathering, ceremony, and meal"? And the a band is playing for the reception afterwards?

Will you need multiple speaker sets? One for the classical ensemble and one for the Rabbi, or is the ensemble positioned so that you can share the same speakers?

I am sub-renting to a friend who has an outdoor wedding gig in early February. (OK, it "might" move into a nearby barn if the weather is bad.) As I recall, he said there is no electric service to the original site and probably no service in the barn. I recently purchased a pair of "el cheapo" battery powered 8 inch American Audio speakers with a Blue Tooth wireless mic. He is hoping he can borrow a car "booster" that has an internal rechargeable battery or inverter generator for AC power, but my speakers are his back up.

I couldn't let those things pass for the price. We lost a back yard party (remember, there are backyards in Oklahoma that are about 10-20 acres). There is no electric service and I am too cheap and broke to get a Honda generator.

  • NYE for me:Mike M, Sun Dec 23 08:04
    My classical ensemble is playing a wedding ceremony (5:30pm-6:30pm)in Newport, RI. Two weeks ago the wedding planner called me to ask if I can provide a stand-mounted mic for the Rabbi. (The band... more
    • Can I guess what rig you take? — Tony Wright, Mon Dec 24 09:42
      • NYE gear...Mike M, Mon Dec 24 11:12
        The sound (if one can call it that) portion of my NYE gig is providing one wireless stand-mounted mic and a couple of speakers for the Rabbi's ceremony - that's it. The band wanted to charge the... more
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