Mike M
NYE gear...
Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:12

The sound (if one can call it that) portion of my NYE gig is providing one wireless stand-mounted mic and a couple of speakers for the Rabbi's ceremony - that's it.

The band wanted to charge the bride $450.00 for the mic which is a bit of a rip-off to me...but then again, it's Newport, RI on NYE....

My ensemble is playing for the ceremony (prelude/processional/recessional - one hour in total) thus we'll already be there.

There is a band scheduled for dinner/dancing.

I'll probably go wireless mic to cut down on the wires strewn about.

I'll probably bring my:
-Crate PCM-DP powered mixer
-two Bose 402 speakers, stands, etc.
-Audio Technica AT3000 wireless mic

I like using the passive cabs as all I need to wall-power is the mixer/wireless base unit. I still have tons of 1/4" speaker cables from "rigs past" (think A Christmas Carol - lol) thus stringing things together is easy.

I could go two K8's and a GoRack but I would need to get power to each speaker plus the GoRack/AT3000 base unit...

The powered mixer route is way easier...

  • Can I guess what rig you take?Tony Wright, Mon Dec 24 09:42
    Bose 802/502BP for the ceremony and announcements? If I understood your original post, your classical ensemble is playing for the "gathering, ceremony, and meal"? And the a band is playing for the... more
    • NYE gear... — Mike M, Mon Dec 24 11:12
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