Tony Wright
You are correct....
Tue Jan 1, 2019 10:54

He lives in a small apartment with mixed "students" and "room mates" and/or "young marrieds". He still lives with his Mom. Thus space is tight. Volume could be a real enemy of the neighbors, so something that can support the frequencies and eventually grow into a coffee shop gig would work well in his case.

Part of what is keeping me from pulling the trigger is I am considering something like a 100-150 Watt 1x10 bass combo amp. But as I see the problem (cash outflow) I really have anything he NEEDS at a gig...but I am not willing to give him any of my stable of gear and hardware as a permanent gift. On the other hand, I would not be opposed to buying him the B115D and gifting him the ProFX12 mixer. (The mixer still works, but one channel is not functioning. It would be temporary until I could spare the cash to get him one that worked 100%....or perhaps Olen could look at it and tell me what's wrong with the innards of the mixer. That's an Okie technical term, "innards" means "stuff inside".)

I am probably kidding myself that he and his friends would ever get a gig at a local coffee house. With something close to 27,000 students, coffee houses do not have to pay for live performances....they have lots of wanna be's standing in line to play. (For that matter, that probably includes my current group.)

At least I could get him going with one B115D and the ProFX12 for now...and IF they got a gig, I could loan them a better system. Or simply loan him a bass amp...or load her a guitar amp, him a bass amp and a better sound system.

  • Sounds like you have a planBoomer, Mon Dec 31 23:18
    The small Mackie mixer and a 115D. They get pretty LOUD. 1000 Behringer watts ;) The 15 should support bass but a stand alone bass amp would be better. But vocals, guitar, and bass guitar, I think it ... more
    • Glad your gig went smoothlyTony Wright, Tue Jan 1 11:01
      It is always nice when the gig is a simple set up...and the musicians are reasonably easy to work with...and apparently were experienced enough to have their gear ready for pro sound provided at the... more
      • Early NYE nightBoomer, Tue Jan 1 13:14
        Yup, called my wife at 10:45PM to let her know I was in the car, heading home, to see if she wanted to zip down to the VFW party. She was stunned! She didn't feel like going out that late. Performers ... more
        • A guy could get used to that kind of gig.Tony Wright, Wed Jan 2 07:05
          Mike M gets a wedding gig for his ensemble and then gets the "ceremony" spoken word portion of the sound he double dips this NYE. You get the bluegrass gig and you are done by 10:45pm. I had ... more
          • NYE is hot and cold it seemsMike M, Wed Jan 2 08:22
            In the 70's and 80's NYE was the only night of the year that EVERYONE had a gig. All of the musicians that I knew had gigs..I'd get called for a few different contractors/bands and took my... more
    • You are correct.... — Tony Wright, Tue Jan 1 10:54
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