Early NYE night
Tue Jan 1, 2019 13:14

Yup, called my wife at 10:45PM to let her know I was in the car, heading home, to see if she wanted to zip down to the VFW party. She was stunned! She didn't feel like going out that late.
Performers were all scheduled to end by 10:15 PM to allow all to get the the fireworks area. First time, just three sets vice four. Mine finished at 10:10. Checked here on my iPad once home with a scotch and replied.

  • Glad your gig went smoothlyTony Wright, Tue Jan 1 11:01
    It is always nice when the gig is a simple set up...and the musicians are reasonably easy to work with...and apparently were experienced enough to have their gear ready for pro sound provided at the... more
    • Early NYE night — Boomer, Tue Jan 1 13:14
      • A guy could get used to that kind of gig.Tony Wright, Wed Jan 2 07:05
        Mike M gets a wedding gig for his ensemble and then gets the "ceremony" spoken word portion of the sound he double dips this NYE. You get the bluegrass gig and you are done by 10:45pm. I had ... more
        • NYE is hot and cold it seemsMike M, Wed Jan 2 08:22
          In the 70's and 80's NYE was the only night of the year that EVERYONE had a gig. All of the musicians that I knew had gigs..I'd get called for a few different contractors/bands and took my... more
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