Mike M
NYE is hot and cold it seems
Wed Jan 2, 2019 08:22

In the 70's and 80's NYE was the only night of the year that EVERYONE had a gig.
All of the musicians that I knew had gigs..I'd get called for a few different contractors/bands and took my pick....ahh...history.

When the GB scene (general business / club / corp band gigging) started losing ground to the DJ in my area (early 90's to present) the local "First Night" city celebrations picked up the slack.
My classical ensemble played 4 NYE's in a row (one in RI and three in MA).
These gigs paid well...

When that run ended I loafed for a few years and then picked up a sound gig at a large function hall's NYE party (a DJ hired me to provide the rig).
That was an annual gig until two years ago when the room decided to hire an oldies band.

This year, the hall went back to the DJ (same dude)and he called me for the rig but I had already booked a wedding for my trio...
(The DJ ended up doing the gig with a "cobbled bunch" of gear...)
I heard that it was a quiet night at the hall as they seem to have lost the "young crowd" when they went to the "oldies band' for two years.

I spoke to the DJ last night and he was going to the venue today to pick up his payment. He's gonna tell them that they "dropped the ball" (a little pun) and lost their crowd when they went the oldies route.

That place WAS a gold-mine on NYE: the 21+ room had 700+ attendees (@ $45.00pp) for a buffet/dancing. One year it was over 900.. The bars were jammed...they made a ton of $.

I could chase a First Night gig in Boston next year with my trio but I feel that the others in my group would rather play a 1 hour ceremony and call it a night.

....and if I did score a First Night gig in the city...my ensemble-mates may not want to do it...
If I needed a replacement to fill in on NYE, young muso's seem to be more "into themselves" and would baulk at $350 for two 45 minute sets...

We'll see what next year's NYE brings....

  • A guy could get used to that kind of gig.Tony Wright, Wed Jan 2 07:05
    Mike M gets a wedding gig for his ensemble and then gets the "ceremony" spoken word portion of the sound gig...so he double dips this NYE. You get the bluegrass gig and you are done by 10:45pm. I had ... more
    • NYE is hot and cold it seems — Mike M, Wed Jan 2 08:22
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