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When They Go The Low Road...You Take
Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:06am

the High Road..... This is the High Road?? LOL

    • Maybe you would like Trump to grab you by the ~ Black Magic, Wed Oct 12 1:39pm
      only in your dreams Deanna
      • You Know... ~ Deanna, Wed Oct 12 2:21pm
        He or you would get kicked hard.... By you saying what you just did you are no better than he......BUT, he apologized...therein lies the difference between a Democrat and, Bill... more
        • and what about al the sick things you did to men ~ Black Magic, Wed Oct 12 2:32pm
          You were no saint Deanna. Do you know the difference between Deanna and a 1957 chevy? Not everyone has been in the back seat of a 1957 chevy.
          • Sorry..... ~ Deanna, Wed Oct 12 8:07pm
            Your accusations are just that......they have nothing to do with me... Just let me say I was a very wise teenager and had the highest of morals....I was very well informed and knew what teenage boys... more
          • Senator or SecState that is good for America. If you can, you'll be the first, so go for it, if you dare.
      • Apparently you think the same way ~ shadow, Wed Oct 12 1:52pm
        Trump did when he made those crude remarks. No surprise here.
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