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Black Magic
Can you say President Hillary Clinton
Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:34pm


    • Not without throwing up.... ~ TEXRA, REAL American, Wed Oct 12 7:27pm
      ....Hillary will be the Felon in Chief.
    • We better get used to saying it. (nm) ~ clint (I), Wed Oct 12 3:55pm
    • There's so many things I can say. ~ shadow, Wed Oct 12 1:51pm
      And although they are not pointless, they'd fly over your head.
    • Sure. ~ Poppet, Wed Oct 12 1:43pm
      Doing so while retaining my lunch is rather more of a challenge. Let's face it: this may well be the worst pair of candidates from the major parties ever . Bigoted narcissist vs venal warmonger...
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