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My Encounter With A Democrat Elitist...LOL
Thu Oct 13, 2016 2:54pm

@CNN You know it's a sad day for the GOP when their biggest decision is whether or not to endorse a sexual predator!

@CNN The Democrats voted twice for a sexual predator and now are voting to put him back into the White House with free time

@CNN I'm sorry I can't comment to you, I have no respect for you and it would be beneath me to even recognize your ignorance.

@CNN Oh My sorry I upset you...but Truth IS Upsetting at times....I feel for you....May God Be With You...

Sad thing is IS that she is a teacher and, it goes...

    • The Rest of the Story.. ~ Deanna, Fri Oct 14 9:26am
      The poor elitist Democrat....posted 2 more posts to me after my last telling me I was trailer trash...LOL..and the other one she was so didn't make any sense.... Remember, you... more
    • She is are ignorant. ~ KR, Thu Oct 13 4:53pm
      The thing is you are too dumb to know how ignorant you are. You really should shut up and smarter people make the important decisions.
      • .....and Bill is a "sexual predator". 1). He is not running for president. 2). Trump is equally as much of one, and brags about it. 3). (Most importantly). Trump is working on every major issue, is a ... more
        • as she desperately needed his coattails to hang onto, she defended his dalliances and attacked his victims. Trump's flaw was words, Hillary’s flaws are deeds ranging from attacking Bill's victims to... more
        • Her failures are many and spectacular. You'd of never heard of her if she'd of not hitched her future to Bill Clinton. She's a big liar and even her supporters admit as much. They have to! The proof... more
        • Trump will be by to grab you by da pussy ~ Cat lover, Thu Oct 13 9:58pm
          Cat. Won't be hard to find yours. bill Clint wasn't shite when it come to pussy cat. He wife be much better knowing where to grab. Wit you dey jus grab you head.
        • But His Wife IS....and ~ Deanna, Thu Oct 13 8:29pm
          he will be in the White House with nothing to do, but chase all the know a leopard never changes it spots...right? At least, you are accusing Trump of such, now....aren't you?? LOL... more
      • LOLOL...Not ! ~ Deanna, Thu Oct 13 5:17pm
        She just showed her ignorance as you just have also..... You both are voting for a sexual predator to live in the White, what is the difference....?? Please tell me....:)
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