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The Insincere, Arrogant Clinton Campaign
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:39pm

Sadly, if many of the ignorant voters on the left really knew much about Hillary, like the stuff in this piece, they'd still probably vote for her. Her history is plastered wall to wall with lies and scandal, yet here she is at the top of the Democrat ticket.

And what exactly is Hillary's fascination with allowing a culture into this nation that is virtually 100% diametrically opposed to her deepest held values and principles? I swear the world has gone nuts!

The Insincere, Arrogant Clinton Campaign

Everything you suspected about Clinton is confirmed in the Podesta email dump.

By Rich Lowry — October 18, 2016

The website PolitiFact jumped all over Rudy Giuliani earlier this year when he said, “Hillary Clinton is for open borders.”

It spent about 700 words sifting through the evidence, and ended up rating the former New York City mayor’s claim “false.” Now we know that PolitiFact blew its call because it lacked access to the most important datum — Hillary Clinton’s real view.

For that, it would have had to be present at one of her paid speeches at a major financial institution, in this case the Brazilian bank Banco Itau. In May 2013, Clinton told her audience at the bank, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.” Ding, ding, ding — there’s the magic phrase, in Hillary’s own words.

The excerpt from Hillary’s speech comes courtesy of the massive WikiLeaks dump of pilfered e-mails — probably by Russian hackers — from the account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The hack is, to say the least, not the way to achieve sunshine in our politics or government, but it is illuminating insofar as it illustrates how progressives think and talk in private — i.e., about how you’d expect.

The frank advocacy of open borders is now so radioactive that even the open-borders editorial page of the Wall Street Journal will no longer associate itself with it (once upon a time, the paper routinely called for an open-borders amendment to the U.S. Constitution). Talk of open borders has consequently retreated behind closed doors. In public, everyone so inclined favors “comprehensive immigration reform,” which always includes higher levels of legal immigration and fig-leaf enforcement measures, as a step toward the unmentionable — and almost certainly unachievable — goal.

A faux cosmopolitanism is a thread running through the WikiLeaks e-mails. If you think Clinton aides root for terrorist acts not to be committed by Muslims, lest political and policy complications ensue, you’re right.
Hillary aide Karen Finney sent John Podesta an e-mail in December 2015 about the San Bernardino shooting. She wrote “damn,” and forwarded a tweet from MSNBC journalist Chris Hayes relating that one of the shooters was named “Syed Farook.” Podesta lamented that it wasn’t instead a journalist named Syed Farook reporting on a shooting by Chris Hayes, who has a much more convenient, Irish surname.

If you think Clinton aides sneer at conservative Catholics and consider them retrograde, you’re right.

John Halpin of the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress, formerly headed by Podesta, wrote his boss and Jennifer Palmieri in 2011 that conservatives are attracted to Catholicism for its “systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations.” Palmieri, now a spokeswoman for the Clinton campaign, chimed in that those on the right embrace Catholicism as “the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion.”
A certain highhandedness and bad faith pervades the entire Clinton campaign. Hillary Clinton was perfectly comfortable with the globe-trotting financiers throwing six-figure speaking fees at her, but then had to turn around and shovel boob bait for Bubba at her party’s inflamed left-wing activists, who hate those very financiers and their views on trade, among many other things.

The Clinton campaign’s predicament was captured in microcosm by spokesman Brian Fallon. In September 2015, he worried about an op-ed attacking the Keystone Pipeline that, he notes, had already been extensively edited and re-edited. As secretary of state, Clinton had, reasonably enough, indicated she’d likely support the pipeline, and now she was coming out against it. Will her newly aggressive opposition, Fallon wondered, “be greeted cynically and perhaps as part of some manufactured attempt to project sincerity?”

Yeah, probably — like much of what she says and does. Such was Clinton’s manifest weakness in March 2016 that a friendly liberal columnist sent a worried e-mail to John Podesta. “Right now,” the columnist warned, “I am petrified that Hillary is almost totally dependent on Republicans nominating Trump.” Sounds right. It always pays to be lucky, rather than good — or sincere.


    • I am The Kuunids!! Trump is a Bafoondis!! (nm) ~ The Kuundis, Tue Oct 18 2:27pm
    • a big one. She is a Politician with a capital P. The rest of your post doesn't hold much substance. The quote about open borders reads like a utopian wish rather than a policy statement. I... more
      • You said: ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Oct 19 8:33am
        "I think we ALL would love to live in a world where our borders could be open." Quit trying to speak for everyone. It is far more likely that most people don't want our nation infiltrated by people... more
        • You Missed The Point... ~ Amadeus, Wed Oct 19 8:56am
          ...oh mentally superior one. HA. IF we didn't have terrorism to worry about, and IF we could realize human and worker rights across the planet, etc. etc. etc.... It would be nice to live in such a... more
          • "I think we ALL would love to live in a world where our borders could be open." Why can't you just say "I would love to live in a world where our borders could be open."? You also said "It would be... more
            • WHY Didn't I Just Say I? ~ Amadeus, Wed Oct 19 1:11pm
              Because I was offering an explanation for Clinton's statement, not my own. I was speaking of a view that might be generally accessible and understandable. Try to keep up. Amadeus
      • Hillary is wanting to let in tons more Syrians. She's not at all interested in securing the southern border. Her general demeanor makes it obvious as far as her attitude towards opening the... more
    • primarily vote their pocketbooks, not values at all. That does include those social policies that line the pockets of many in the name of 'virtue'.
      • It's just too bad that those that vote their pocketbooks are far more numerous on the left. That does include those that vote for what's in your pocketbook. For without them, the left would never win ... more
        • I think Evan's strategy is genius, ~ shadow, Tue Oct 18 1:18pm
          and I think he's probably a true patriot. You might be interested in learning more:
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