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How do polls improve democracy? (nm)
Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:30pm

    • I'm not sure that they do.... ~ Sprout, Tue Oct 18 3:07pm
      IMO they may give folks a general idea for the way things are going in a given political election, but I don't think that they "improve" democracy at all. IMO an individual should make their decision ... more
    • They Provide A Baseline... ~ Amadeus, Tue Oct 18 2:53pm
      ...against which election data can be compared. They can act as an indicator of election fraud. Amadeus
      • Polls ARE "Election Fraud" ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Oct 18 6:00pm
        They are manipulated by the pollsters in an attempt to bring about a result that is different than what the populace would normally choose. Nobody needs to know how someone else might vote. Media... more
        • Maybe If There Was Only One Poll... ~ Amadeus, Wed Oct 19 1:15am
          ...but there are many polls. And you have zero evidence of manipulation or fraud. You're already sour graping. Amadeus
          • liberal bias in the polls. "However, based on the polling details, the final weighted sample of 976 registered voters is made up of just 28% Republicans and 35% Democrats."... more
          • Sour Graping? No ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Oct 19 8:25am
            ... it's just that my intellect and perception are way above yours. Yes, there are many polls, but the vast majority of them are conducted by radical leftwing media, organizations and universities.... more
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