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Atlanta, Georgia News....LOL
Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:37pm

#Lawrenceville Police investigating whether a bus affiliated with the @TheDemocrats illegally dumped human waste.

    • Okay that wasn't nice but considering the tone of this election, we should flush early and flush often when it is done.
      • Hahaha...Very True! :) ~ Deanna, Tue Oct 18 8:01pm
        Great to see you....Welcome Back!! :)
        • Good to see you. ~ Gandalf, Tue Oct 18 9:41pm
          Have had a few health issues, but happy to check in and say hello. God bless you.
          • Hi, Gandalf! ~ shadow, Wed Oct 19 12:08am
            At first I wondered if it was really you. It's been so long. Hope you're doing much better; it's really nice to 'see' you. God bless you!
            • Yep, it's really me. ~ Gandalf, Wed Oct 19 6:09am
              Been trying to stay healthy, enjoying grandkids and doing a little traveling. Consulting when I want to but enjoying life and freedom. I hope all is well with you and you continue to brighten the... more
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