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Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:37pm

Just 494 out of the 162,000 refugees who applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015 have managed to get a job, according to government figures released Tuesday.

Refugees are eligible to work while their applications are pending as long as they can show a valid identification document and haven’t been rejected for asylum in the past. A majority of asylum seekers would qualify for a work permit, but the national migration office was only capable of issuing one to one-third due to the high demand.

“There was an incredible amount of people who applied for asylum in Sweden, and for us to be able to register everyone we had to disregard certain areas, and employment was one of them,” Lisa Bergstrand, officer at the Swedish immigration office, told Swedish public broadcaster SVT. “We do what we’ve been told to do.”

Getting migrants off welfare and into the job market has been a problem for most European countries during the ongoing refugee crisis.

    • why would anyone think they are there to find a job? ~ KDM on the left coast, Tue Oct 18 8:11pm
      Sweden is a socialist welfare state. Just head to the nearest welfare office to sign up for whatever the Swedes have to offer...assuming they even have to do that much.
      • and any complaints are deemed "racist" and not reported. True story... When the Rapefugees first began rapin' in Sweden they were the per-capita safest country on earth, crime-wise. And when the... more
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