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Excellent article that everyone should read.
Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:42pm

    • about cars and restaurants.
    • Boring..... ~ Deplorable Otis, Tue Nov 29 10:48pm
      but thanks for playing LIBTARD.
    • It contained your typical rural redneck stuff full of broad accusations that relied on stereotypical concepts and generalizations of rural populations. Strum the banjo please! Any rural American town ... more
    • For a better view, I highly recommend ~ Aurora, Mon Nov 28 12:06pm
      the book Water Boy by Gary Reiswig. Straight out of 50s & 60s Panhandle of Oklahoma where he grew up. Fictionalized but a good bit of it true. One of the most entertaining books I've ever read -- and ... more
    • You're not the author are you? ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Mon Nov 28 11:06am
      His story fits you so well. Born and bred small town hick leaves for the big city and now he's a smug expert trying to tell other small town hicks what he thinks they don't know about themselves.... more
    • He keeps writing this: ~ Ted, Sun Nov 27 9:27pm
      "Because rural, Christian, white Americans will not listen to educated arguments, supported by facts..." But then fails to make any... Here are a few examples --- 1) The mortgage crisis WAS caused by ... more
      • For What It's Worth... ~ Amadeus, Mon Nov 28 12:13am
        The bad loans weren't the problem. It was the packaging of the loans as viable investment vehicles and giving them inappropriate ratings that really caused the mess to permeate so far. And climate... more
        • of liberal meddling. We have already caught many climate "scientists" red-handed cooking the data and even in a fit of integrity complaining about the pressure to do so.
          • that honestly believes he's one of God's intellectual gifts to mankind. Whatever he figures out to be the "truth" is the truth and he and his ilk are not the least bit shy about forcefully imposing... more
            • I Don't Know... ~ Amadeus, Mon Nov 28 11:22pm
              ...where you get that. I'm happy to admit error when good evidence is provided. I don't just roll over when someone disagrees with me. I provide evidence when I disagree with someone. I'm not out to... more
              • roughly half of the citizenry that they absolutely did not want it. And don't bother posting bogus slanted surveys that showed they actually did want it. You're an apologist for it today in the face... more
                • Predictable... ~ Amadeus, Wed Nov 30 10:25pm
                  The surveys that show people want the ACA are "bogus slanted" surveys. Obviously. They'd HAVE to be, since they don't align with your beliefs. The majority of the US, by a wide margin, wants all the... more
          • I Invite You... ~ Amadeus, Mon Nov 28 8:07am
   post evidence of your claims of "cooking the data." Every single attempt to claim such has been debunked, or was exposed by other climate scientists (who also understand that global warming is... more
            • Your pontificating gets so old. ~ shadow, Mon Nov 28 10:15am
              My son in law, the lawyer, has spent a good number of years working on cases that involved all of these bad loans. It was not as you say, merely the packaging of the loans but bad loans were given.... more
              • You Are So Predictable... ~ Amadeus, Mon Nov 28 10:55pm
                You see me post, and you must criticize. I'm not pontificating. I'm offering my opinion, backing it up, and being right. It would be one thing if you could post any kind of evidence for the claims... more
              • who could not afford to pay it back. It snowballed into more as most liberal boondoggles are very prone to do. They avert their eyes from their wrongheaded misdeeds that tend to spawn numerous... more
                • I remember Clinton said something ~ shadow, Mon Nov 28 10:52am
                  like, "everybody should own their own home". From there, I guess he decided that they'd make it happen, whether people deserved to own a home or not, whether people could afford a home or not,... more
            • The fact is, many of the Grand Poobah warmer scientists have been caught engaging in less than "scientific" behavior and in shameful behavior reminiscent of some sort of religious heresy accusations. ... more
            • including you --- of "scientists" lamenting to eachother via hacked emails about how they are being forced to draw false conclusions.... more
    • Ahhh, You poor little snowflake. ~ Eleanor, Sun Nov 27 7:59pm
      I am not Trump fan, but please. Get over yourself. You were bragging about how certain the election outcome would be and now you're sad that you didn't get your way. Poor baby. You just don't get it. ... more
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