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Mondo Fuego™
This is what HammerDeus used to justify his "defense" of ...
Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:36am

... pee-pee-challenged pervs who he alleges are being victimized because they cannot use a bathroom that conflates with their sick "gender identity". The content was posted on Ken's Religion and Ethics board.

If you follow the links posted below the picture, you will find that these pervs are big-time vulgar Sodom-and-Gomorrah-ilk porn stars. Actually, you might not want to follow the links because the content is atrocious.

HammerDeus has really bottomed out in the sewer of raunch to carry out his perverse campaign for the pee-pee-challenged scumbags of the world.

Sarina Valintina is a porn star.

Big Buck Angel is an "adult movie producer" and porn star ... that is, filthy pornography.

    • professional help. But don't just take my word for it. Read what this expert has to say about it. "Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current... more
      • What does one expect from John Hopkins. ~ Contrarian, Tue Mar 14 9:01pm
        It's a right wing nest of bio warriors. And of course it's a mental aberration. And to end their entrapped suffering the solution is to give them a way out. I do think those of this condition ought... more
    • It seems simple to me... If a person ~ Aurora, Tue Mar 14 10:41am
      really looks and acts like a bio male or female, who would know they're not anyway? Then there's no issue... But too many of them are like Bruce Jenner, and look more like drag queens, and then women ... more
    • Their Profession Doesn't Matter ~ Amadeus, Tue Mar 14 10:14am
      Look at the text in the picture. The point remains. Sarina should use the women's restroom, and Buck should use the men's restroom. Amadeus
      • How about a drag show? ~ Contrarian, Thu Mar 16 12:43pm
        Is that a profession? What profession would work for your bias? Proctologist? Or concert organist?
      • Their profession matters greatly ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Mar 14 3:42pm
        ... if you use porn stars in connection with campaigning for the "rights" of transgendered school-age children, who you claim are being victimized by society, and who are supposedly confused about... more
      • It matters if one needs an excuse... ~ Poppet, Tue Mar 14 1:05pm ignore the actual point. One wonders why you ever bother on this board...
        • Good point ~ Contrarian, Tue Mar 14 11:02pm
          But without Amadeus there mostly would only be one-liner trite on this board. And Mondo would have no purpose in life.
        • It matters because of the context ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Mar 14 5:16pm
          If Hammer is using porn stars as examples to promote and motivate us to accept the "rights" of transgendered school children who are allegedly being victimized because of their gender identity, the... more
          • I Bother With This Board... ~ Amadeus, Thu Mar 16 10:35am
            ...because it has few liberal voices that can engage without undermining their own positions with insult. I try to present an opposing view in a way that highlights that we do not need to insult each ... more
      • And thus there's no need to talk about it ~ Aurora, Tue Mar 14 10:43am
        If they go into the privacy of a stall and mind their own business, who would know? But all this talking and rationalizing is what is freaking people out. Chaz Bono has become very masculine looking, ... more
      • restroom for the sex they identify with and no one would ever know. I'd bet a tidy sum they both have been doing it for many years. Sometimes "Don't ask, don't tell" works without anyone being the... more
      • Granted, I do not want Sarina in my bathroom! ~ Contrarian, Tue Mar 14 10:33am
        She is now a she and would upset the mens' room. And the other one is male and would cause a stampede out of the ladys'' room.
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